How to hire the “best” DUI Lawyer — things you should consider

Some of the questions that are often asked to Nevada lawyers are “who is the best lawyer” or “How do I find the best attorney.”  These questions are often asked by those who have been arrested for Driving under the Influence or are curious about what they should do if they are.

While it is impossible to know who “the best” lawyer is for any individual case and there are likely several individual attorneys or firms who rank among the elite in their practice area, there are certainly several things a person should consider before hiring a lawyer for their DUI case.

Among the things to consider are the following:

Don’t focus on television or radio ads.  While many good lawyers DO advertise in today’s information driven age, the presence of an ad on television means nothing about a lawyer’s ability or work ethic.  Instead of snappy ads, focus on things like the organizations a lawyer belongs to, what certifications and specialized training he or she has received, ratings from independent rating agencies or referrals from other members of the legal community.

Interview more than one attorney.  While there are some situations where you would want to hire the first person you talk to, such as an ironclad referral from someone knowledgeable that you implicitly trust, in most cases it is good to talk to more than one individual attorney.  This allows you get different perspectives from different professionals and to develop a sense of comfort in the relationship with attorney you are talking with.  This is very important given the fact that you must trust the person who is standing up for you in Court while you fight your DUI charge.

Don’t make your DUI Lawyer choice based on cost alone.  While any top DUI lawyer should be able to accurately and transparently quote you the complete cost to defend your case at the conclusion of your initial interview, you should never make the decision as to who you hire based solely on the cost.  This is perhaps the single biggest mistake made by people charged with DUI when choosing their legal counsel.  If a lawyer claims to be the “cheapest” or “have the lowest prices” there is usually a reason for it.  Often these lawyers do little investigation and are unable to come up with the best defenses to the charges, but simply take a client’s fee and convince them to plead to the prosecutor’s initial offer… something you could do yourself without hiring a lawyer at all.  As in almost every profession, the best Lawyers, don’t “run cheap.”  You will, however, likely be surprised how affordable a quality DUI lawyer will be, especially when considering the incredible cost of a DUI conviction in Nevada.    While you shouldn’t make the decision of who represents you based on price alone, the best DUI attorney’s amount to a bargain and money well spent when all is said and done.

Ask the Right Questions.  While most attorneys can tell you a minute or two blurb about their experience, it is important that the lawyer you are choosing to be the best for your DUI case can answer the questions that are asked of him.  In another post to this Blog, found here, we have supplied you with a list of questions which will help you identify if your lawyer is one of the best to help you with your serious DUI charges.

At the Las Vegas DUI Defense firm of Hofland & Tomsheck, we would be happy to meet with you, or your loved one, and help you through the difficult time that an arrest for DUI can present.  Attorney Josh Tomsheck, a partner in the firm, carries a perfect “ 10.0 – Superb” rating by AVVO.COM, the independent attorney rating organization and is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, one of only six lawyers in Las Vegas currently a member of this prestigious organization.  Additionally, Attorney Tomsheck has been recognized as a certified specialist in Criminal Trial law by the State Bar of Nevada, one of only 3 in all of Nevada and is one of only five attorneys in Nevada who has been nationally Board Certified as a Criminal Trial lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  Mr. Tomsheck is the only lawyer in all of Nevada have all three of these specialized certifications and memberships.  Mr. Tomsheck is available for a free consultation to meet with you in person or on the telephone, whichever works best for you and your schedule.  Contact us today and allow us to help you through your difficult situation and fight your DUI charges on your behalf.

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